Principal's Message

I am honored to be a member of the Glenwood Community in Rutland, MA. Incorporated in 1722, Rutland is the geographical center of Massachusetts with a tree on Central Tree Road marking the spot. As your principal it is my mission to continue the collaborative culture that has motivated and inspired each and every member of our school community. Glenwood is unique with its diverse student population, coupled with a staff that believes in the potential of each individual child. Glenwood teachers challenge their students daily, building perseverance and a lifelong love of learning. It is my hope that Glenwood will become the center of your child’s academic career. I look forward to working closely with Grade Level and Leadership Teams who are committed to supporting all of our students by implementing curriculum that will help students develop strong critical thinking, and problem solving abilities.

My commitment to the Glenwood Community is:

  • To continue to develop a collaborative culture where all members of the Glenwood Community feel valued and heard.
  • To work closely with all members of the Glenwood community to develop and communicate a clear vision for continuous improvement, academic growth and achievement.
  • To continue to develop a collaborative culture where all teachers own every child at Glenwood.

These goals will be accomplished through:

  • On-going and honest communication
  • Respectful conflicts
  • Collaboration
  • A commitment to student growth and perseverance
  • Mutual accountability for all
  • Celebration of our diversity